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By now all of the DIRTY PICTURES girls were in the shower, and although he couldn't see them, he could hear the water running. In about five minutes they started returning to the dressing area, and this time Mark watched Mary and Rhonda dry off and get dressed. Both girls obviously trimmed their bushes, and it was a thrill seeing them using a towel between their legs. Rhonda seemed to take a little more time than was necessary drying her cunt! Mark blew his next load when Mary pulled on her panties! Mark always loved to see tight panties stretched tautly over full pussy lips!!! Even though he was done, Mark still watched the two put on their bras and outer clothing. He waited a good hour before he made his exit from the building.

Older but no wiser, Mark still presses his luck trying to see ladies in various stages of undress. As a masturbater-voyeur, I guess you never out grow it.

Sherri and Gloria were a little early as they returned to school from lunch. A lot of kids were still milling around the hall, just killing time until fifth period started. Sherri turned to Gloria and said, "Ya know, I'm still hungry, how about you?" Gloria looked at Sherri and saw that look in her eyes! "Now wait a minute Sherri, we got to be in class in less then fifteen minutes, and we don't have time for that right now," Gloria pleaded! "There's always time for "Jello" babe," shot back Sherri! "Let's see if we can find Kenny," said Sherri! Before Gloria could make anymore protestations, Sherri was off into the sea of students looking for Kenny. Now you may be wondering what Sherri was so hot for. Well, Sherri is one of the many females addicted to giving head to big cocks! Hardly a day goes by that Sherri doesn't have at least one good load of jizz shot down her hungry throat! Now Gloria likes to give head all right, it's just that she isn't hooked like a junkie on crack!

Cruising the halls, Sherri finally found Kenny leaning up against his locker reading a magazine. Gliding up to him, Sherri quickly came right to the point. "Kenny, I need it bad, can you give me some sugar right now?" Kenny gave her and Gloria a fast once over, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure, follow me," he said, leading the two sixteen year olds into the empty dark gymnasium. Turning to face them, Kenny stood with his arms at his sides waiting for Sherri to make the first move. Dropping to her knees, Sherri unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants and short with one swift motion. Now standing semi-erect in front of her face was the nine inch hammer that that hung between Kenny's slim muscular legs! Sherri took in a deep breath and savored the smell of Kenny's maleness. The aroma alone made her pussy get saturated with her own juice! Sherri's hot breath made Kenny's cock begin to harden, and she moved in with her mouth, flicking her tongue over the satiny head and licking off the drop of precum that had oozed out of the slit! "Hurry up Sher," Gloria urged, "we don't have all day here!" Closing her mouth over the big head, Sherri pumped the big erection with her hand as her head moved up and down the blue veined shaft! With her free hand Sherri reach out and pulled Gloria down so that she could taste the big pecker. "Try it," she said, as she let the it slip from her mouth and pointed it straight at Gloria. Gingerly at first, Gloria licked the big head and softly slid it into her hot little mouth. "Suck it girl," Sherri urged! After a few minutes of sucking, Gloria released her grip on the big pecker and returned it to Sherri who greedily sucked it back down her throat! Kenny now was starting to feel his nut sack get tight with the anticipation of a big cum! Looking at Gloria he ordered, "Let me see your cunt, you little bitch!" Looking around to make sure no one was watching them, Gloria lifted her skirt and pushed down her panties. Her dark bush was stood out starkly against her creamy white skin. "Finger it," Kenny said! Gloria slipped her middle finger deep into her crack, which caused her to gasp as she found her erect little clitoris! By now Sherri was doing a "hoover" on Kenny's hard meat! Listening to Gloria gasping and panting as she frigged her slit, Kenny rushed towards his orgasm, and Sherri groaned as she felt his cock begin to spasm in her hand! "I"m cumming," stammered a shaking Gloria, as her finger flew over her little nub! Hearing Gloria was all it took to send Kenny over the edge! His hot cum filled Sherri's mouth, with blast after blast hitting the back of her throat! While swallowing most of it, some still managed to run down her chin and drip to the floor. Sherri loved blowing Kenny because he always had so much cum for her!!!

Sherri stood up and kissed Kenny on the cheek and said, "Thanks for the sugar!" "Anytime kid," he answered, "anytime!" On the way back to class, Sherri and Gloria stopped to talk to Amy about meeting after school to do homework. Gloria just shook her head and said, "You're going to suck her off aren't you?!?" Sherri, with a look of total innocence, said, "Who, me?" Gloria just rolled her eyes and headed off to class.

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