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Rachel was very nervous, but felt powerless to MASTURBATING TEENS. "I love blondes," Fay said, as she looked over Rachel from head to toe. Rachel was feeling more and more self conscious as the stranger looked at her with a critical eye. When Fay reached out and closed the door, Rachel knew that they weren't going out for a drink!

Walking over to Rachel, Fay ran her hand up and down her arm and put her mouth close to Rachel's ear. She whispered softly, "Do you like to have your pussy eaten?" By now Fay's hand had roamed all over her and was lightly massaging Rachel's chest. With a stronger voice Fay asked again, "Do you like getting your pussy eaten?!?" Rachel could only nod yes. "For the next day you're going to be my fuck doll, do you understand me," Fay said? In a voice barely above a whisper Rachel answered, "Yes!"

Knowing that she now had complete control, Fay gave Rachel the order to strip. "Let me see your body," ordered Fay! Slowly Rachel began to undress as Fay sat on the edge of the bed staring at the young athlete as her lithe body became visible. Rachel had a lean semi-muscular body, but she also wore a C-cup bra. Fay paid special attention to her breasts as Rachel dropped her bra to the floor. "Nice tits, bitch," Fay said, "now the panties." Finally down to just her lace panties, Rachel slid them off and was now standing totally naked under the direct gaze of Fay's hot stare! Rachel had a very thick growth of curly blond pubic hair, but she kept it trimmed short and neat as she spent a lot of time in a bathing suit. Because of this the her lips of her pussy were easily open to observation, and being put on display made a shiver run through Rachel's body. What she couldn't hide was the moisture that was building up along the slit of her pussy. Fay reached out and ran her finger all over Rachel's now leaking cunt. "I love the smell of fresh pussy," said Fay. She stuck her finger into Rachel and then licked the juice off of her own hand! Rachel was now getting very turned on by the light touching being administered by Fay. Emboldened by her excitement she asked Fay if she could see her body. Fay stood up and began a slow strip tease. Taking off her shirt, Fay revealed a braless chest that was small but very sexy with its large nipples. Rachel noticed that Fay did not shave under her arms, and she then was not surprised to see that her legs were also unshaven. The bikini panties that Fay wore did hardly anything to cover the thick dark growth of hair that stuck out around the legs and tops of her underwear. Exposing her crotch, revealed the hairiest pussy Rachel had ever seen! Just looking at it made her knees weaken with desire. The two women moved together letting their tits rub. Fay put her arms around Rachel and gave her a deep kiss, probing her mouth with her tongue. Rachel moaned as she was being swept away in a whirlwind of lust! Fay pushed Rachel back down onto the bed and started to suck her hot cunt, and soon her face was shining with Rachel's love juice. Finding her clit, Fay nibbled and sucked it like it was the last thing she would ever put into her mouth! Just when Rachel felt her orgasm building, Fay pulled away and slid her own cunt over Rachel's face. "Eat me, you little cunt," spat Fay through clinched teeth! The aroma coming from Fay's hair pie was intoxicating to say the least! Rachel's tongue slithered through the mass of curly pubic hair until it found a very erect clitoris trying to push it's way through the massive bush! Fay had a truly magnificent clit! It was much bigger than her own, and her lips caressed it with tender kisses and licks. As Rachel licked, she felt Fay again back at her pussy. Doing a 69 was bringing both ladies rushing to a climax! Both of them were groaning into the cunt of the other! God Rachel loved pussy!!! Each of them reached their peak at exactly the same time, and both of their pussies pulsated as sexual relief coursed through their aching cunts! Afterwards they lay in a heap on top of each other, neither one moving, just slowly inhaling the smell of drenched pussy!

Fay was the first one to move, and she got to her feet on wobbly legs. "How about a quick shower," she asked, "and then we'll have that drink." "I could use one," answered Rachel! "Which one, the drink or the shower," asked Fay?!? "Both," replied a laughing Rachel! "Both!"

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