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After he had composed himself, Tommy kissed Kate deeply and slipped his hand under her skirt. No panties! Taking his finger he quickly found Kate's clit and quietly jerked her off. Kate groaned as the orgasm filled her pussy! Leaning against Tommy was the only way she kept from falling over! They both straightened their clothing and left the library arm in arm. Kate felt on top of the world and Tommy probably felt even better! Tommy turned to Kate and said, "Next week!" He then kissed her on the cheek and headed off into the night. Kate turned around and headed back towards her own house. Her own thoughts again, however, were on the cocks and cunts she so loved to suck! Jenny Craft was on cloud number nine! She couldn't believe her good luck! Having met Charlie only a month ago, and now he was taking her to a party that would include his best and closest friends. They were having what once was described as a whirl wind romance. Introduced by a friend of a friend, they had become almost inseparatable. From the very first night together the sex and been beyond phenomenal! Charlie was hung like a horse and knew exactly how to use it! This was the first time that Jenny had ever had a man with over sized equipment, and she now was a true believer in the saying that size DOES matter

The first time she saw Charlie's cock she nearly fainted at the thought of trying to get that monster into her tight little pussy, but Charlie was so sweet and considerate the way he made the tenderest love that first time! Making sure that she was totally lubricated and turned on, he ever so slowly inched his organ into her pussy. After the initial shock of have her pussy stretched farther than ever before, she just relaxed and tried to enjoy it. After a few minutes, however, the feeling of being really filled up overwhelmed her! Just thinking of that huge organ inside of her brought her to a shattering orgasm! Charlie hadn't even started pumping her yet and she was cumming like a little cock hound! After that she was hooked! Even when it was soft, it was as big as most of the erections she had seen in the past. One time Charlie was in the shower and Jenny came in to get her makeup. While washing his hair, he had his eyes closed and didn't realize she was there. Watching the water and soap running down his chest and belly and then cascading over his low hanging cock was an incredible sight! She plopped down on the toilet and frigged herself to orgasm right then and there! Only when she let out a loud moan did Charlie even notice her sitting there!

No matter where they were, Jenny would try to get Charlie into a private spot where she could get him to show her his cock. When they were riding in the car she made him pull it out of his pants so that she could hold it while they were driving! In private, he kiddingly referred to her as his "little cock hound". Although she could be a real nuisance, Charlie took her over dose of attention with a good sense of humor, because after all, she was a beautiful woman he was lucky to have for his own!

A few times since they first met, Charlie mentioned a private club he was a member of. He didn't go into many details, but Jenny got the impression that it was a rather exclusive club that was hard to get into. For this reason she was really excited when Charlie announced that his club was putting on a party the following Saturday night, and that he was inviting her to come along as his date. Dress was to be casual, and she should be ready for just about anything!

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