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"I'll kill that fucking bastard," SHAVEN PUSSY screamed Jennifer Boyle, the wife of the President of the United States, "every fucking time I go out of town on his fucking business, I have to hear stories about his incessant fucking around!!!" This wasn't the first time that Jim Knox had heard this little tirade, and as the lead Secret Service body guard for the First Lady, he had seen and heard more than his fair share of intra family squabbling. When ever she went off like this, it was better just to try and blend into the back ground and hope her tantrum would blow over quickly. Tonight, however, he had a feeling that the President had crossed over some imaginary line of demarcation, and maybe, just maybe Mrs. Boyle was going to cause Kennsington Holton Boyle more than a little trouble! She poured herself a scotch and water, and uncharacteristically offered him one. "Come on Jimmy, have a drink with me, I'm staying in the rest of the night and you go off duty in a couple of hours, so what's the harm," she asked in almost a pleading voice??? "No thanks ma'am," I really have to stay sharp, if it ever got out that agents were drinking on the job, well, I'm afraid it would be all over," replied Jim gently. "Sweet Jesus Christ," she muttered, "I can't even get the help to have a drink with me," while draining her glass and immediately pouring another! Normally Jim would have kept his mouth shut and let Mrs. Boyle work it out for herself, but tonight was different, she was really hurting inside. Her husband's philandering was taking a vicious toll on his wife, and Jim couldn't understand how a man married to such a beautiful and devoted wife could even think about cheating on her! Through three campaigns for governor, as well as hundreds of other fund raisers, and political meetings, Jennifer Boyle had let her whole career as a lawyer stand on hold as she pushed her husband towards the prize of the presidency, and after meeting them both, most people wondered if the wrong Boyle got elected! "Mrs. Boyle," Jim said softly, "I just want you to know that it has been a privilege protecting you, and that in my eyes you are a true patriot!" Jennifer Boyle cocked her head to one side, took a long drink, and then slid to the floor with glass in hand and began to sob!

Jim Knox raced across the room and tried to help the First Lady to her feet, he was worried that some of the help might come in and see her in this agitated state. He could see it in the tabloids now, "First Lady Falling Down Drunk And Crying Over Kenny's Trysts!!!" Well if he had anything to say about it, that headline would never see the light of day! "Come on, Mrs. Boyle, you can't lay there like this, get to your feet and we'll talk about it," Jim pleaded! "Okay Jimmy, she slurred, "talk to me then, tell what a great man my husband is and why I'm sooooooo lucky to be married to him!!!" Jim finally got her into an easy chair over by the desk, and away from the liquor cabinet. It was then he broke a cardinal rule of the Service, Never Ever Bad Mouth Any Member Of The First Family!!! He was seething inside that his president would treat such a fine lady in such a shabby disgraceful fashion, and he just blurted out, "No ma'am, I'm not going to say that, he's not worthy of your company let alone your bed, and if I had my druthers, he would be horse whipped for the way he has treated you!!!" With her eyes shining from tears and her lower lip trembling, she looked up at him and said, "Why thank you Jimmy, that's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, you don't know how much I appreciate it!" What happened next was hard for Jimmy to figure out, even later on when he had more time, but it was as if a magnet pulled their mouths together in a long deep kiss that seemed to last forever. Jim's head was spinning, he knew that what he was doing was more than wrong, it was morally repugnant, but he kept kissing her, and falling deeper and deeper into her spell. He felt fingers undoing his belt buckle and soft hands slipping inside his shorts to where his manhood was trying in vain to escape its cotton prison! He pulled away long enough to say, "No, it's wrong, we can't do this," but she kissed him again and pulled his hard erection into the warm White House air.

While still sitting in her chair, she straightened Jim up and leaned forward to take his hard penis into her mouth. When he looked down, he couldn't help but feel totally stunned, here was a woman know the whole world over, and universally loved by one and all, and yet here she was devouring his dick like there was no tomorrow!!! She let it slip out of her mouth momentarily and whispered, "You have a wonderful cock, Jimmy, I wish that I had done this a long time ago!" Seeing this lovely woman he so adored, making love to his cock in such a tender and loving way was more than he could take, and as soon as she took him back into her mouth, he let loose with a gusher of hot cum down her hot throat. He half expected her to spit his cock and cum out of her mouth with revulsion, but instead, she sucked even harder, trying to coax every last bit of cum from his pulsating weapon! "Jesus that tasted good," she sighed, "I haven't done that in such a long time, I really missed it!"

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