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TJ adjusted the GANG BANGS video camera so as it would not be seen by anyone using the storage room. By placing the camera inside of an old envelope carton and piling several other boxes on top of it, it would be unlikely that it would be discovered. A small hole in the end of the box was all that was needed to have the hidden lens to cover about 80% of the area in the whole room. Why all this deception? Last Thursday evening TJ had been working late trying to get some quarterly reports done for Friday's sales meeting. At seven o'clock he had slipped out to get a burger and fries, but returned to the office by eight. As he was coming down the hall he heard noises coming from the store room next to his office. He put his ear to the door and was stunned to hear the unmistakable sound of love making!!! After a few minutes he realized that the two people behind the door were his boss, Ed Jenkins, and Ed's secretary Jan Hart! TJ never even had guessed that those two had been getting it on! Jan was a looker all right, but as far as TJ knew Ed was a happily married man.

On a hunch, TJ decided to try and video tape the two of them in action! He figured that Thursday night might be a regular time for their liaisons, so he spent the next week planning his strategy for recording the action. After surveying the store room TJ figured that by hiding the camera on a shelf at the far end of the aisle, he could just about be assured of recording anything that happened inside that room. One Thursday just before quitting time TJ set up his machine with a full tape and pressed the record button and left for home. If Ed and Jan did use the store room as they had the previous week, he was sure to get it down on tape.

TJ got to work about an hour earlier that usual on Friday so he could retrieve his camera without anyone seeing him. He closed and locked his office door and stuck the tape in the VCR he had in his office he used for reviewing sales presentations. After he rewound the tape he hit the play button, sat back and waited. Within several minutes the door to the store room opened and in came Ed and Jan!! Right before his very eyes was a tape showing the pair going at it like a couple of teenagers. Jan had a very large chest and Ed quickly had off her bra and was sucking and kneading her hard nipples! As he sucked on her tits she opened up his fly and pulled out Ed's cock! Eight inches at least TJ thought! Just then Jan dropped to her knees and hungrily devoured Ed' meat. For the next five minutes she gave Ed one of the best blowjobs he had ever seen!! Almost without warning he shot his load in Jan's eager mouth and he could hear Ed groan as his cum spewed out of his raging hardon! Jan struggled to swallow it all, but some of it ran down her chin and dripped onto her chest, so she stood up and Ed cleaned his own cum off of her tits with his tongue! By now TJ had his pecker out of his own pants and was slowly jerking off as he watched the action unfold on the screen. Jan slipped of her skirt and then dropped her panties to the floor. She turned away from Ed, leaned forward against a file cabinet, and then spread her legs wide apart. He could distinctly hear her tell Ed to fuck her hard from the back! Ed needed no more encouragement as he buried his bone deep into her hot pussy! He pounded away at her for a good ten minutes when both of their bodies stiffened in a "crashing on the rocks" orgasm!!! Both now totally spent, they slipped to the floor and tried to regain their lost strength. Finally they both got dressed, kissed and then quietly left the store room together. As TJ shot his own load, he wondered how he could use this tape to his own advantage. While cleaning up his own cum he had an idea! Not a very nice one, but a profitable one!

Five minutes before quitting time TJ called both Ed and jan into his office on the precept of company business. As they both settled into the two chairs in front of his desk, TJ hit the on button of his VCR and turned to look at he now lit screen. As both Ed and Jan turned to look at the now clear picture a look of absolute horror spread across their faces, it was if they had been slugged in the gut! There on the TV was the image of Jan sucking on Ed's hard cock and obviously loving every second of it! All either of them could say was "How?" and "Why?". As their heads began to clear it became evident that TJ had surreptitiously video taped them during their tryst. The "how" was now evident, the "why" they were about to find out. TJ mirked and commented on Jan's expert technique at giving head and asked Ed if the little bitch was as good as she looked?

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